Thursday, 15 November 2012

Arena Concept #1: Cathedral of Fire

For my first of 6 arena concepts for my pre-production module I have conceptualised an environment from a thumbnail to a resolved piece that could be used in the creation of an area with a video game setting. I have included the iterative steps for this piece above to show the various process and different versions that the concept went through until reaching the final image. 

As I have mentioned this piece will serve as a concept piece for an arena design within a fighting genre video game. For this I wanted to take direct influence from the research I have conducted for this module, taking inspiration mostly from gothic architecture designs. I wanted this arena to convey an environment that seemed to be crumbling and falling apart within quite a fantasy setting. The breadth of the arena and gameplay space branches from left to right in the foreground area, it is here where the characters currently battling will move and interactive with. 

I feel I could still add to this concept as it is still in the very early stages of development. If I was to continue with this piece in my major project I would be able to design all the particular areas of the environment in much more detail. This could include detailed iterations of the statue, the immediate foreground area (that the player would see much more of in-game) and the possible options of having destructible objects that characters could be thrown through leading to other areas of the same level.

The above screenshot from Soulcalibur 3 was a direct influence for this piece as it mixes the fantasy and medieval theme I am looking to create throughout my game idea. I hope to encapsulate the same arena design elements from beat-em-up games like Soulcalibur as I feeling the detail in telling a short and simple narrative through moving objects and events in the background really amplifies to gameplay experience.

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