Thursday, 8 November 2012

Concept Brief

For my pre-production module I have chosen to develop and explore a project based on the creation of concept art for a video game. I will do this by creating a number of assets that would be used as preliminary artwork for a game of the fighting/beat-em-up genre, ultimately drafting a number of concepts that would describe the game idea, levels, characters and story outline. This relates directly to my chosen field of study within my own personal work and will allow me to develop skills in and around a brief that could be suitable for my major project.

My pre-production work for this module will revolve around the creation of a number of early environmental, character and user interface concept pieces for use in the description and creation of a video game of the fighting genre. The aim of this is to create a series of iterations that will show early ideas of the game world, arenas and certain characters that could populate and be used within the game. These concepts could then be taken forward and used to create full, finished ideas and designs that would be used to direct the creation of a finished video game project. I will create and present these pieces digitally, mainly using the program Adobe Photoshop, while also keeping a blog diary alongside the creation of the pre-production items that will keep a record of the development of the module.

Pre-Production Items:

  • 500 word story overview.
  • 500 word genre and gameplay overview.
  • 6 concept art pieces of important game characters and 6 arenas which could both then be developed further in a major project.
  • 20 preliminary environmental/arena thumbnails.
  • 25 character silhouettes.
  • 3 user interface concepts, e.g. character select screens, health bars and graphic designs.

My background research for this module will centre around the design and theme of my pre-production video game idea and how existing sources have influenced the creation of my work. Firstly I will research the many stories and legends based around King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. In addition to this I will look into how the stories surrounding King Arthur have been interpreted in other media such as film, video gaming and books to see how they could possibly influence my work. From this I will further my research into my chosen theme for the look, feel and setting of my pre-production items. For this I will look into a number of fantasy-medieval sources, most notably the 2011 video game Dark Souls, which holds a rich historical setting based in an environment and world similar to that of the locales mentioned in Arthurian Legend. I will then look into examples of concept design from other well-known fighting games, mostly the Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur video game franchises, taking on ideas from the use of arena and character design and how these can be changed and molded into something new and interesting for my project.

(Brief amended after talking with Sabrina at the start of the module)

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